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We currently are working with 500+ active cubensis varieties, isolations and exotics which are sourced from the top mycologists in the United States. All exotics are verified under the microscope for accuracy. Currently we have the largest available variety of active microscopy products in the world to choose from online. Our focus is to provide as much information and accuracy as possible for your microscopy needs. CONTACT THROUGH PRODUCT ENQUIRY BEFORE LEAVING A NEGATIVE REVIEW as we have the right to refuse fulfillment of future orders from not allowing us to work out any issues, products include order tracking and customer service. We do not take responsibility if you purposely order a product to an area where microscopy work of any specific active species is not allowed and we will not be responsible. We will not replace or refund a product used to inoculate grain spawn with spores or research syringes as they are intended for microscopy use with slides. Please read our disclaimer that is now available. We do not ship outside the United States and abide by all local and federal laws as our products are for microscopy use only. Customer assistance is available using the product enquiry tab regarding any questions.

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