We created a one stop shop for everything mycology

After many failed attempts to locate spores and supplies for purchase together in a space that makes for a centralized purchase, we developed SporeSwaps to bring industry best vendors together to sell their products and provide the necessary education.

SporeSwaps was started back in September, 2020. It was during my search for spores that I couldn’t find a site that allowed me to purchase different products (rather it be spores, substrate, or Agar dishes to name a few) under one roof. That’s where the journey began; to create a multi-vendor website. 

I want customers to feel confident when purchasing so I implemented a product quality protocol for all our vendors. Each vendor is required to send in a product for testing every 6 months, that they list for sale. This is done by looking at the spores under a microscope and verifying viability and making sure the sample is of the correct species. Each vendor is required to contact the customer quickly if there is ever an issue with an order. I have to say, the vendors are top notch and I’m proud to have them onboard.

When you purchase from SporeSwaps you will get quality products at competitive prices. If you have any questions or concerns or you are interested in becoming a vendor, you can contact me at [email protected].

– Sheri, Founder/Owner