Part of our mission is to educate, whether that be industry wide information or simply providing helpful tips and tricks on growing your spores. SporeSwaps is creating your go-to place for all things mycology including informational pieces around creating your own spore experience. From growing spores, to research affiliated with medical breakthroughs and vendor experiences, check out some of our articles and video tutorials below and let us know if you have any questions!

How To Clone A Mushroom

Instructions from Fresh off the Cap to learn how to clone mushrooms.

How To Use Swabs

Educational content to show the correct way to use swabs and clean equipment. 

Mushroom Breeding Instructions

Mushroom breeding steps for cultivation.

Bod's Printing Tek

Interested in making high quality spore prints for personal use and trade?

Mushroom Growing Basics

Mushroom growing 101, we let us share our mycology tips of the trade!

How to Store Your Spores

Learn how to store your mushroom prints, spores, swabs and syringes.

Grow Kit Tutorial


Introduction to Gourmet

Interested in growing gourmet mushrooms? Learn about the benefits of gourmet mushrooms.

What is a Monoculture and Other Facts

What is a monoculture, haploid, spore, multispore, monokaryon, dikaryon, swab, LC, MSS, TO, isolate?

Pairing Wood with Spores

Find out how to pair your spore with the correct wood for optimal growth.

Grain Water for mushroom growing

Make Your Own Grain Water

Learn how to make your own grain water for mushroom growing at home!

EASIEST Way to Grow Mushrooms - Broke Boi Tek


The Ultimate Grain Experiment for Mycology


How to Warm up Space for Mycology


Dealing with Contamination


Ideal Fruiting and Surface Conditions