Controlled Chaos Genetics

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“Top Tier Genetics, Lowest Tier Pricing”


  • Clone Research Plate – 15 to 20 
  • Transfer Research Plate – 12
  • Multi-Spore Syringe – 10
  • Print – 10
  • Microtube – 8
  • Swab Set – 8


Free Enigma Centrifuge with Every Order Over $20

3 Clone Bundle – $50

Lunar Pursuit Combo Pack – 10 swab sets for $65



Controlled Chaos Genetics is a grassroots spore supplier based out of the East Coast, United States.. We pride ourselves on quality products that is achieved by small batch production. All our work is done in highly sterile condition in front of a laminar flow hood. Testing 1 in 10 samples is a way that we actively monitor our quality control and minimize the risk of contamination. Our promise is to provide a clean and quality product at lowest tier pricing, deliver great customer service, and fast shipping with tracking included with every order! Any lost or contaminated product will be replaced! About plate orders: We sell 60mm plates. This allows the same great sample to be shipped in a more compact way to prevent breakage and we can ship more plates per package. This also reduces shipping costs to the customer. We create about 5 plates leading up to the time of the product posting in order to expedite wait time. At times, they go very fast and we have to make more samples for the orders. If that is the case, we need to make sure the plate is clean and growth looks good before dispersing. Please expect a different wait time than a normal spore order. All orders will be shipped within 5-10 days if plates need to be made. This is to ensure the most quality samples for our customers. 

*All items are for microscopy use only. The use of these products to produce fruiting bodies is illegal in most states. Please check you local laws and regulations*


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