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Maitake Research Syringe


Maitake is said to have originated from a group of Buddhist nuns and woodcutters on a hike in the mountains. These mushies have a flattened frown cap with white edges and short stems that have a dense core. Maitake is known to help balance glucose, high cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, promote fertility, and boost immune function. Comes with a 10 ml syringe, 18 gauge needle, and alcohol prep pad.

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Went above and beyond expectations

Posted onOctober 19, 2023 by Adam Schaffroth

We are a dedicated business of healing and medicinal growth. Officially opening as a legitimate store in Jan of 2023, we have worked hard to make sure the products we sell are of the upmost quality. Returns are 100% money back or a replacement if you are not satisfied with your product. We only sell genetics that we would buy as a serious Mycologist. We are open to question or giving help if you are in need of that. Mush love on your journey!!

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