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Iceberg Research Syringe


The Iceberg p. Cubensis variation is an albino mutation of the Thai Lipa Yai regional variant and is credited to have been stabilized by Miss Mush. It produces large, dense fruits, and is known for its convex bell-shaped caps which split open upon maturity, resembling icebergs.

Product Contains:
10cc research syringe of the Iceberg Isolation
Alcohol wipe
16G sterile needle

Why Us?
In our commitment to delivering the cleanest products, all of our research genetics are collected using strict aseptic techniques. We utilize air filtration systems, a laminar air flow bench with a 99.97% efficiency rating, a stringent cleaning and replacement schedule, and frequent purity assessments. All of our research genetics undergo tests for integrity, viability, and sterility. We take great pride in guaranteeing that you receive the accurate genetic that has been personally researched by us for accuracy.

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