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ATL #7 Sclerotia, Philosopher’s Stones (P. tampanensis) Liquid Culture Isolate (LC) Research Syringe


This is dikaryotic mycelium culture suspended in nutritive liquid culture medium (0.5% light malt extract). It is shipped in 10 ml sterile syringes with an 18 gauge needle. The actual, usable volume is closer to 12 ml.
Sclerotia are dense masses of mycelial tissue that forms under the substrate. They should be grown for up to 6 months and will generally get more potent the longer they are grown. They will sometimes form normal fruit/basidiomata/mushrooms if subjected to proper fruiting conditions.
This isolate has been tested over the last 4 years and is a very good producer of sclerotia, as well as fruitbodies.

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