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If you’re not Happy I’m not Happi”

“Welcome to The Happi Hyphae Store! šŸ„ Dive into the world of mycology with a seasoned enthusiast since 2002, nestled in the heart of Appalachia. šŸŒæ Discover a carefully curated selection of genetics, meticulously prepared under a Laminar flow hood for utmost sterility, ensuring pristine quality. šŸŒŸ From popular classics to unique crosses and exotic varieties, all at competitive market prices. šŸŒˆ Explore my dynamic range of swabs, prints, plates, and biopsy agar tubes, specializing in active fungi species including cubensis, exotics, and wild-collected specimens. šŸŒ Dedicated to microscopy research, each order is processed with care and shipped promptly within 2 to 5 days. šŸ’¼ Your satisfaction is our priority – I’m not Happi unless you’re happy! Reach out anytime for guaranteed support. šŸ¤ Join our mycology community and embark on a lifelong journey of exploration and friendship. Let’s talk mycology – because passion grows best when shared. šŸŒ±” FREE STICKERS WITH EVERY ORDER AND A FREE GENETIC OF MY CHOICE WITH ORDERS OVER $40.

In Mexico till July 23rd.

Customer ratings

Yellow umbo ::

Product:Yellow Umbo Swab Set

June 28, 2024 Mycojit

Iā€™m so stoked I got yellow umbo n it was here quickly w extra goodies and a Cambodian swab which I just had another vendor cancel on me so that made my day!

Awesome experience with Happi Hyphae. ::

Product:Panaeolus Cyanescens TTBVI Spore Print

June 10, 2024 Anonymous

Delivery was on point, quick and included some fun stickers and bonus items. Will be back.

Very Happy with Happi Hyphae ::

Product:Panaeolus Cyanescens “Grasstree” Research Agar Wedge Tube

May 23, 2024 [email protected]

Exemplary, love your store, will order more later

Soul Mac Agar ::

Product:Soul Mac Research Agar Wedge Tube

May 14, 2024 Snufulufugus

Good packaging with a very pleasant hand written note. And some dope slaps!


Product:Maria Sabina Research Agar Wedge Tube

April 30, 2024 Robert Messier

With the Happy Hyphae Store! Good bizness and awesome products

Top tier vendor ::

Product:Shakti Spore Swab Set

April 29, 2024 Myco_Bike

Everything packaged clean and labeled perfectly. Some stickers and a special extra gift was a nice touch. Definitely recommend Happi.

Happy with Happi ::

Product:Panaeolus Cyanescens “T.T.B.V.I” Research Agar Wedge Tube

April 28, 2024 Jamey

Had been searching for Pans for a bit. The Hyphae store had the TTBVI I was looking for and this was my first order. Transferred wedges to new plates with good growth. I was also pleasantly surprised by the personal touches put into the final delivery. I was hesitant trying a new source but no longer, Happi won me over, thank you kind soul keep sharing the love.

Great experience ::

Product:Albino Most Valuable Producer Swab Set

April 9, 2024 Justin

Great vender, fast shipping, personal touch. Will be ordering again

Great experience with Happi. ::

Product:Psilocybe Azurescens Research Agar Wedge Tube

March 30, 2024 Anonymous

Agar wedges shipped promptly and arrived in great shape.

Love these guys ā¤ļø ::

Product:B+ Spore Print

March 21, 2024 Adam B.

Great spores. And a very nice hand written letter, mush thanks and mush love happi!

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