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Active genetics for mycologists of every stature! We are here to provide you with the best quality cultures, spores and supplies on the market.


All syringes are 10cc and come with an 18 gauge needle and alcohol prep wipe. When using this product, shake the syringe vigorously to evenly distribute the culture. Using 1cc to 1.5cc’s is the recommendation per use. Anything more than that has the potential for contamination from mold or bacteria. You have 10 days from day of package arrival to contact me with any issue with your order. . Contaminated grains will NOT count for replacement or refund. LC MUST BE TESTED ON AGAR and pics need to be provided. All Research Plates are 60mm x 15mm and use either an lmea recipe or Rit-Dye recipe that we’ve rigorously tested for optimal mycelial growth. All Research Plates are made to order and will take up to 10 days before it is shipment ready. If there is any issue with the quality of the plate, you have 5 days from the time it arrives to your location, from the post office, to contact me, with photos, for a refund or replacement. Plates are tested visually! Any opened plates or any plates that have any samples removed from transfer or otherwise will NOT be replaced! Replacement plates will take up to 10 days to be shipment ready as they are made to order. Any damaged or lost packages caused by the postal carrier or during travel will not be replaced or refunded. Once tracking information is updated to your invoice, we have dropped your package off to the carrier, therefore the package is no longer in our possession and therefore not our responsibility for anything that happens during travel. As the consumer, it is your responsibility to make sure that you enter the correct shipping information (correct name, correct address). It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a safe place to receive your package, as well. International orders that are stopped and returned by Customs will NOT be refunded. It is your responsibility to know your countries laws and regulations and you take the risk to have it delivered or denied. We strive to provide the best products and best customer service on the market. Our policies are in place to protect our business and you as a customer. With that said, if there’s ever an issue, please, email us before leaving any review that’s less than 5 stars. If a bad review is left and you did not follow our policy or contact us beforehand, we will not fulfill any future purchases. We aim to make sure your shopping experience is pleasant, but we are human and things happen, but we do our best to make it right.🍄🩵 Our shipping days are Monday and Tuesday before noon EST, and Friday before noon EST. Any need for having your package shipped on a day that is not stated will be $20 for special shipping of which you will have to contact me beforehand.


International Shipping


Customers order at your own risk. MICoFroots is not responsible for knowing every countries laws and regulations on the importing of goods. This responsibility is solely the customers responsibility. Any packages returned that for ANY other reason than it being too damaged to be delivered or a clerical error on our part will NOT be refunded. If you want to reattempt to receive your order again, after it has returned to us, you must pay to have it shipped again. MICoFroots will not be held responsible for paying international shipping costs unless we personally make a mistake. However, we do discreet shipping if requested, but only when requested. So keep in mind your countries laws and Customs when ordering. If you wish to discreet ship, send us an email saying so.

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