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High Vibes is a health and wellness collective based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. We’re a passionate, dedicated group of myco-enthusiasts, herbalists, and wellness practitioners. Our goal is to supply the best tried and tested mycological research samples to the rest of Canada.

We have an experienced team who are no strangers to strict, clean, regimented lab work, and our samples reflect that. We work hard to personally verify and study every specimen we sell.

Spore swabs we provide have been collected in a HEPA filtered lab environment, but due to the nature of this process we cannot guarantee complete sterility of these products. With that in mind, we regularly run QC tests and ensure that our work is up to the standards that we would wish to receive as a customer.

*All research samples are for microscopy use only. Please be familiar with your local laws before ordering. Any inquiries making reference to the production of fruiting bodies using our products will be ignored, as this is not their intended purpose*

Temporily on hold and rebranding in progress, We appreciate your patience and will see you soon!

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