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We are honored & humbled to receive 1st place at the 2023 PCOD Colorado Psychedelic Cup for highest psilocybin (cubensis, Bear Snax), and 3rd place for highest overall tryptamine content (Bear Snax). We’ll be releasing Bear Snax, a blob mutation, within the coming months!

**During winter months, there may be a slight delay in sending orders out due to the temperatures in Denver, as well as the temperatures at the destination. If your area is close to freezing, or below freezing, we will wait until the temperatures warm up to send your order. Please note that our goal is to provide clean, quality products and if there’s a chance of the products freezing, we wont be able to ship them as quickly as we’d like in order to avoid issues with the products during transit.

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Blue Bear Mycology is based in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We aim to provide clean, consistent products with the best customer service possible. Although our research syringes and spore swabs are second to none, our real “claim to fame” is our colonized agar plates. Utilizing H14 HEPA flow hoods, robust sterilization practices, and extravagant QC/testing protocols, Blue Bear spares no expense when it comes to ensuring customers receive clean, contaminant-free products regardless of the quantity ordered. Blue Bear follows all federal and local laws regarding the sale of microscopy research products including but not limited to research syringes, agar cultures, and spore swabs. We do not condone the growth of psilocybe cubensis – all products are sold legally for microscopy research (not growth) in accordance with all federal and local laws. We will not take responsibility if you purposely order a product to an area where microscopy work of any specific species is not allowed. Due to our products being intended for microscopy use, we will not replace or refund a product used to inoculate grain or all-in-one grow bags with spores or cultures, as they are for microscopy use only.

Why are our prices slightly higher than other vendors?
– All batches of research syringes are tested on agar before being made available on
– Packaging
– Quality genetics

***All items are for microscopy use only. All orders come with tracking, and are extremely well packaged to avoid any mishandling by the carrier/shipper. If shipping to a warm or cold location, please take extra care to immediately retrieve the package upon delivery. We DO NOT ship outside of the U.S.***

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