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TTBVI (Panaeolus cyanescens) Liquid Culture (LC) Research Syringe


This is dikaryotic mycelium culture suspended in nutritive liquid culture medium (0.5% light malt extract). It is shipped in 10 ml sterile syringes with an 18 gauge needle. The actual, usable volume is closer to 12 ml.
Panaeolus cyanescens is a species known for producing exceptionally strong fruit and this cultigen has recently won first place for the highest alkaloid concentrations in a recent cup/competition.
There are a variety of ways to grow this species and substrates to be explored. Generally, a mix of chopped straw, cow manure, and vermiculite are used as a substrate, but there are many variations on this theme.
This isolate has been grown out and personally and produced very good flushes on simple straw/manure substates cased with CV in showboxes and a grow tent. No special requirements for ventilation, air exchange, or humidity levels were required. I used standard cubensis growing protocols and techniques.

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Excellent culture, excellent vendor

Posted onMarch 15, 2024 by Kd

It arrived quickly to the USA, in perfect condition and well packaged. As for the culture itself, it is very fast on grain, and fruits readily on straight coir. 10/10

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