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Psilocybe Caerulescens Research Agar Wedge Tube


Psilocybe caerulescens is commonly known as the “landslide mushroom” or “derrumbe” in Spanish, translating to “collapse”. This is due entirely to their growth on disturbed ground that is devoid of plants, often near rivers, streams and ravines. This, combined with their likelihood to grow in sunny locations, made their wild cultivation popular for centuries and into the present day.
This species is frequently suspected to be the primary entheogen used for spiritual purposes by the Aztec civilization in ancient Mexico, ascending to a legendary status by the time of the arrival of Europeans in the 17th century. Its use, and reverent name “teonanacatl” (“the God fungus”), continue among the shamans of Mazatec tribes found in the Sierra Mazateca in modern Mexico.
It is found naturally from June to October in many parts of Mexico and certain limited ranges in the United States, such as the states of Georgia and Florida. It is hardy to lower temperatures and is frequently found at higher elevations, though not strictly. When not found at the former site of a landslide, it can commonly be encountered among sugar-cane mulch near sugar plantations, or on exposed ground made by livestock in pastures.
After centuries of use by the great civilizations of ancient Mexico, to modern spiritual use, Psilocybe caerulescens has yet to reveal its full potential, especially as a medicinal fungus.

A 2mL sterile tube packed full of agar wedges for your research needs!
For Microscopy use only!

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