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Panaeolus Bisporus Research Agar Wedge Tube

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Panaeolus Bisporus – The copelandia (panaeolus) bisporus mushroom is another highly active mushroom that grows in nature around well manured soil or lawns. This species grows on enriched soils near farms or pastures. As well this mushroom has been documented growing in lawns with well fertilized cattle manure.
This species has been discovered in Central West Africa, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and some south American countries. As well as one unusual sighting in Switzerland where a whole lawn was covered with this psychedelic mushroom after being fertilized with some manure purchased from some one near the Mediterranean Sea. If this warm tropical mushroom can cover a lawn in Switzerland then chances are it can grow in well manured lawns in many place of the world.
Macroscopically the copelandia bisporus is similar to the copelandia cambodginiensis, tropicalis and cyanescens except it can be differentiated with a microscope by it’s two spored basidia.The panaeolus bisporus also has a more tan, brownish color to them as opposed to the whitish color mushroom of other copelandia mushrooms. As well the bisporus mushroom sometimes produce a ring around the cap. The mycelium is thin and wispy with a slight grayish color which is typical of the copelandia species.
Panaeolus Bisporus is Is a truly beautiful unique species! If your into Panaeolus Cyanescens then this is your next favorite!
🔬 Microscopy research use only!

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