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Albino Emerald Gates #2 x Albino Chocolate Krinkle #1 . Premium Research Plate 90mm


Albino Emerald Gates #2 mono#3 crossed with Albino Chocolate Krinkle mono #1
this cross combines two of my favorite cultigens, Albino Emerald Gates, by James Cruz, and Albino chocolate Krinkle, an isolation of Dave Wombats, Chocolate Krinkle.
this F1 generation produces nice dome capped albino fruits, that grew in tight packed clusters, they are sure to produce many interesting new isolations from future spore runs, or just make a nice clone to run for your enjoyment.

As with all of my crosses, I reserve the right to release them for a limited time. Before I move onto other things, so now is your chance to get this F1 cross, early on and see what you can create from the future generations.
Premium Research Plate 90mm

*all samples for microscopy use only*
*all samples collected in front a laminar flow hood*

Any lost, stolen, or contaminated must be reported within 10 days. Replacement product will be provided within two weeks of the complaint.

* All research plates are made to order to insure a fresh clean culture, they are allowed to grow out to assure health, shipping times are not immediate due to this and at least 1 week or more may be required before plates ship out, to begin the journey to you.*

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