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At Dichotomous Keys Genetix, I strive to provide the community with interesting new and unique crosses and isolations not found on other menus, all of my offerings are either my own creations made using known verified crossing methods, or unique new isolations i have found in multispore runs of known cultivars, that i feel are worthy of isolating and sharing with others, My goal is to provide clean contamination free research materials. This often means making a fresh plate for you at the time of ordering for research plates, and time will be required for the new transfer to grow in some, to insure it is clean and viable. Please take this time into consideration when ordering research plates. I thank you for your interest, and will do my best to make sure you are satisfied with the product you receive.

Customer ratings

Top notch ::

Product:Roger Rabbit #2 x Albino Gumby #2, Premium Research Plate 90mm

March 2, 2024 Myco_Ogre

Nice huge plates grown out with some beautiful myc. Cool cultures from his own crosses. Fast service for sure plus the plates were secured better than I've ever seen. DK is a badass and you should do yourself a favor and try his genetics.

Awesome ::

Product:Albino Roger Rabbit #2 x Iceberg #1 Premium Research Plate 90mm

March 1, 2024 Don S

Received my plates and they are awesome looking, very well packaged. Really look forward to researching this creation

Looking forward! ::

Product:Iceberg #1 x Albino Chocolate Krinkle #1 F1. Spore Swab Set

February 25, 2024 Crinkled Stipe

I am so stoked to put this on agar. Great professionalism and speed lightning shipping. I am pleased to find a vendor like this and am looking forward to seeing and purchasing his future creations.

Top Tier Vendor! ::

Product:Pagodas F2 MMTP x P F Albino, clone isolation, Premium Research Plate 90mm

February 23, 2024 JP

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