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 The Bearded Grower aims to supply the mycology community with a wide variety of grain bags, grain jars, jar lids and much more! My mission is to supply better, higher quality grains to the mushroom community after experiencing and hearing about the commercial industry’s shortcomings. Since then, I have been dedicated to supplying the highest quality and most affordable grains and supplies to the community and ensuring optimal cleanliness and sterilization with regular quality checks of sterilized products, as well as, production in front of a laminar flow hood.

I’m always experimenting with innovated techniques to elevate mycology processes to the next level, so new products are consistently added.

All products are made to order. Shipping time depends on quantity ordered and time of sterilization, with most orders shipping within 2-5 days.

Prices subject to change based on market grain prices.

If a grain is not listed that you desire, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the message sections, as I have multiple suppliers with a vast selection of bulk grains.

All orders come with randomly selected freebies!

Follow along with my journey on Instagram @TheBeardedGrower901 


If there are any concerns with your order you must contact the vendor within 10 days of receiving your order stating the nature of your concern along with a photo of the problem. Any valid concerns will receive a duplicate of their order within 5 days after contacting the vendor. 


All products are for microscopy use only. The use of these products for production is illegal in some states. Please check your local laws and regulations.

Sorry for the inconvenience my wonderful folks. I am currently going on short leave for a move. Once I get settled in I will be back up and running better than ever. Thank you all for the continued support. Will return 7/24/24. Mush love everyone!

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