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Welcome to Stealthy Spores on SporeSwaps – where the adventure begins with the turn of a card.

🍄 Stealthy Spores: The Epic Saga – Unveiling Nature’s Hidden Heroes 🌿 | Cinematic Trailer (

Dive into the enchanting realm of mycology with Stealthy Spores, the groundbreaking trading card game that brings the mysterious world of Psilocybe mushrooms to life. Stealthy Spores invites you into a captivating adventure through the rich history, diversity, and untapped potential of these fascinating fungi.

At our store on SporeSwaps, we offer the Stealthy Spores collector decks, each featuring unique characters inspired by the legends of the mycology community, as well as card singles and an exciting new collection of SporeSwaps Edition cards (coming soon). Whether you’re a seasoned mycologist, an avid collector of trading cards, or someone curious about the intricate world of mushrooms, our game provides an educational yet exhilarating experience.


Stealthy Spores is more than just a game; it’s an educational journey wrapped in the thrill of competition and strategy. Here, you can explore various mushroom strains, discover their properties, and immerse yourself in the world of mycological heroes and villains. Our game is a bridge connecting the mycology and gaming communities, offering a fresh perspective on the wonders of the fungal kingdom.

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