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MU Gateway Genetics is small bioengineering lab that provides high quality spore products. All products are strictly for microscopy and taxonomy research in a lab setting. All active spores are at peak vitality for high quality microscopic research and detailed logging of visual identification. All genetics are put through our systems and procedures and a full life cycle before trait selections, morphology expressions, and isolates are chosen. Full research germination of specimen spores are put through full life cycles for verification and research and development.

MU Gateway Genetics is a business project by Myceli Unlimiti and also offers various small lab tools and equipment for your small lab. Including borosilicate glass Myco Plunges, Xico Mini Series induction coils, and 3D printed mycology tools and (HPLC) Potency Testing. Please take the time to check out all our products, some are only offered exclusively here on Spore Swaps. We also offer potency testing, this services will be coming soon to our shop.

Please review return policies and shipping for any questions or concerns please contact us directly. To interact with this store vendor you must be 21 years of legal age. Please research your local laws and regulations on these research products as it is ultimately your responsibility to follow the law.

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