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We are based out of Denver, Colorado, USA. We ship to anywhere in the US and can ship out of the country for an additional fee. Our goal is to provide the highest quality fungus actives, Wild actives and Exotics in clean research genetics. We want to supply you with a choice of some quality variants and hybrids of psilocybe phenotypes for legal microscopy use and scientific research. All work is done in a sterile setting. Every order comes with a free slap!! PLEASE CONTACT US IF THERE IS A PROBLEM BEFORE LEAVING A RATING. *How the shipping company treats the packages is out of our control.*

Also as tested and proven by HPLC testing. Our proprietary Low-Dose Nutrient Solution (LDNS) prevents the mycelium from developing farther than early-stage mycelium. This means that our cubensis LC’s are a bit “thinner” than standard LC’s, but that’s to prevent the mycelium from maturing and developing any illegal alkaloids.


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