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Panaeolus Cyanescens TTBVI Spore Print


I’m sure you’ve heard about how potent Panaeolus Cyanescens are. According to scientific reports, it’s one of the most potent mushrooms on earth. They are typically found growing in subtropical and tropical regions around the world. They often grow in grassy areas, especially in cow pastures or on soil rich in organic matter such as dung or decaying vegetation. They prefer warm, humid climates and can be found in locations like Hawaii, Southeast Asia, parts of Africa, and certain regions of Central and South America.
“TTBVI” or “Tamarind Tree British Vrigin Islands” This variation was first discovered amongst these islands. The British Virgin Islands are a group of volcanic islands in the Caribbean that are known around the world for beautiful beaches, mountains and various mushrooms.
TTBVI are very beautiful! It has white stems that can grow straight up or crooked and curved. The thick stems then lead to their caps that start with a more ovate shape and open up with maturity. The caps also have a light yellow hue to them. They bruise a deep dark blue when touched!


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