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Albino Mystery 442 Spore Swabs


Psilocybe Cubensis – originating from a mislabeled culture, Albino Mystery 442 is a Swab from the clone culture of the largest fruit ever recorded weighing 1,219 grams!! Cloned by Jason Wilson. Albino Mystery will produce INSANE size fruits with solid stipe and beautiful light blue gills! These Spores have some SERIOUS potential!
☆ These swabs were taken from a 442 gram fruit

This product contains 2 Swab samples (1 pack) and comes with FREE SHIPPING/TRACKING in the USA

☆☆☆Shipping outside of USA is FREE SHIPPING but is UNTRACKED in a non mashineable envelope ✉️ ☆☆☆ (Ships Worldwide)

Ships From: United States (US)

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Posted onOctober 10, 2023 by Benjamin

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