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Psilocybe Ovoideocystidiata Research Agar Wedge Tube

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A captivating species native to the eastern United States, Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata is found abundantly from the rolling hills of Kentucky to the tranquil shores of Rhode Island, and even as far south as the soulful Mississippi. It thrives in the Ohio River valley, where its prized fungus thrives amidst the serene landscape. Its hideaways are along rivers and streams, within the rich tapestry of woody debris, man-made mulch, and wood chips. A true companion to nature, it seeks solace in shady alcoves, avoiding the harsh gaze of direct sunlight.Over the last several years, they have expanded to the western United States, gracing the Pacific States from the misty forests of Western Washington to sunny Southern California. As a rare gem in this region, its presence adds an element of mystery and allure to the landscape. This mushroom is typically found growing in groups of several hundred in one particular area, as well as in multiple small clusters of several mushrooms each, usually within close proximity of one another. Solitary specimens also occur on occasion.Seasonality varies a great deal depending on the region they are found in, but in the northeastern US, they are most common in the spring, from mid-April to late-June, peaking in late May, especially after periods of steady heavy rain for several consecutive days. However, they may occasionally fruit as late as November.

A 2mL sterile tube packed full of agar wedges for your research needs!
For Microscopy use only!

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