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Psilocybe Natalensis AKA. Natal Super Strain Research Plate

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Psilocybe Natalensis, Natal Super Strain Is very closely related to psilocybe Cubensis,  once thought to be one in the same. But, recent testing has determined that it is its own unique species. The vigor, resilience, and performance of this species is almost unmatched in the actives category. The speed of growth caught all of us off guard, trying to harvest research material before massive amounts of spores dumped everywhere.It is known to be a few inches long and has a medium small off white cap with a yellow umbo(top).

Please give us 7 days to ship items. These and all of our research products are made fresh-to-order to insure vigor and resilience. This is so you get the very best for your hard earned money. You are not our customer, you’re our family now! And, that’s exactly how we want you to feel. With that said please adhere to all your local laws, rules and regulations. All items are intended for “Research Purposes Only”

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