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PFARRSQ #2 F1. PF Albino x Albino Roger Rabbit Squats. Premium Research Plate 90mm


P.F. Albino x Albino Roger Rabbit Squats, is a cross of two albino cultigens that produces a nice canopy of beautiful classic shaped mushroom with upturned caps and gills that begin to turn blue as they finish. i nice classic look with the dense fruits and good yeilds.

As with all of my crosses, I reserve the right to release them for a limited time. Before I move onto other things, so now is your chance to get this F1 cross, early on and see what you can create from the future generations.
Premium Research Plate 90mm

*all samples for microscopy use only*
*all samples collected in front a laminar flow hood*

Any lost, stolen, or contaminated must be reported within 10 days. Replacement product will be provided within two weeks of the complaint.

* All research plates are made to order to insure a fresh clean culture, they are allowed to grow out to assure health, shipping times are not immediate due to this and at least 1 week or more may be required before plates ship out, to begin the journey to you.*

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