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Jack Defrost a pigmented isolation of Jack Frost. Spore Swab Set


Jack Defrost spores, come from an interesting pigmented fruit that grew in a tub of Dave Wombats Jack Frost, I cloned that fruit and it grew back as larger gnarly dense fruits with crazy caps with gills showing through breaks in the cap. they were very hard almost like wood on the stipe or stem, and have produced similar pigmented mushrooms and blob mutations, and an albino reversion would not surprise me from these spores

As with all spores some variability should be expected, and with early generation spores from crosses, the lower the F# the more variation you can expect.

All swab sets are taken in front of a .3 micron FFU in order to insure as clean a product as possible, they are provided for research and microscopy purposes and are guaranteed to provide quality spore for your research purposes, if you should have any issues please let us know within 10 days of purchase and we will be happy to replace or refund the problematic set

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