Spore Storage

You have worked hard to gather a collection of spores! Be it a swab or print, they need some care to remain in the beautiful original state!

The main enemy of the almighty spore is heat! Temperatures reaching 104F or 40C or higher will damage the spores. An extremely hot day can make a room get upwards of those temperatures depending on where you live. The best bet is a cool place with temperatures going as low to just above freezing, anything freezing or below can form ice crystals damaging the cell walls! Anything below 70F or 21C starts to become optimal for long-term storage!

The second enemy of spores almost as much as heat is the humidity! They need to be kept in a low humidity environment! This can easily be achieved if in a high humidity area by putting them in jars with silica packets or plastic sealable bags!

Light is another factor when storing spores! Most prints are typically done on foil and are kept away from the light however swabs are typically more exposed to the light and best to be kept in a dark spot.

Tubes need to be in a sealed baggie and place in the refrigerator.

Ideally, the best way to store spores for the long run is in a dry cool & dark environment, that is the important aspect of storage!