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Panaeolus Cyanescens – (Copelandia Cambodginiensis) is s subtropical psychoactive mushroom first recorded by credible mycologist, (Allen & Stamets) around 1972-1979*, but more than likely been seeked out, harvested, and consumed for its medicinal an spiritual purposes from ancestors around the world for thousands of years where ever this beautiful mushroom can thrive and spread its mycelial network. Belonging to the much broader spectrum of other psilocybe mushrooms, panaeolus is coprophilous in nature (grows on dung well composted grassy fields) usually a smaller and more petite fruiting body then its well know cousin psilocybe cubensis with pans standing around 3-5 in tall and half an inch to two inches wide on the caps. Being a light brown when young growing into a whitish or grey color in maturity before dropping its spores. Although through modern cultivation and breeding techniques there are many more isolated beautiful phenos available to the community now, some of the most stunning one of one isolation’s being right here with The Pan Man! What pans may lacl in size and weight compared to its cousin the cube the make up for in being almost 3x as potent as your leading cubensis variety. To this day TTBVI (from the British Virgin Islands) is recorded as the most potent mushroom strain cultivated in the entire world! Brought to the worlds attention by a amazing fellow mycologist GordoTek who won many years in a row in competition bearing this variety of panaeolus cyanescens, TTBVI. Ive personally been working with pans for well over a decade and can say if you want to take a step up in your research or broaden the horizon of your active mushrooms library, here at The Pan Man we have a top tier amazing selection of isolated genetics for you to choose from! I mostly run isolated 60mm colonized agar plates made to order sometimes i will also post clones and prints as they come along. Isolated LC 10ml vials will also be in stock coming 2024 with bulk options for the serious researcher. Panaeolus cyanescen mycelium does look different on a agar plate than cubensis does if thats what you are used to working with, pan myc is not as rhizomorphic much more on the fuzzy tometose side growth wise so not to worry if anything looked different to you! Always here to help and anyone who buys a product from can feel free to contact someone on the team and well help you with any issues or concerns to make sure you have success with you research. Thank-you for supporting The Pan Man peace and love to everyone!

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