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MycoGenTampa is a family run mycology company with a love for pheno-hunting, breeding, and stabilizing new isolations. We are a husband and wife team with Davis as our Chief lab tech and Cassidy handling administrative work, social media and website content. We offer a variety of genetics that range from beginner friendly to challenging and unique phenotypes. We also have a few in house original isolations with more to come! All lab work is done on stainless steel under a flow hood in an Ozone sterilized environment and sanitized after each shift. Exquisite quality is our goal. Our products are guaranteed, if they fail to meet your needs, we will send a free replacement upon receipt of a photo.Take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING with any purchase of $40 or more.

Disclaimer: LC’s and colonized agar plates contain mycelium suspended on a sterile nutrient solution. The mycelium contains stabilized genetics that will result in identical and similar fungal bodies as featured in our photos. Spores, by nature, are more genetically diverse resulting in a wider range of genetic expressions, until further isolation is undertaken by the researcher.

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