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Right now when you spend 120 dollars or more, you get a free pre innoculated MoonDaddy Growkit! Your Choice of genetics! And enigma is An option that’s not listed for a FREE kit.  It’s not an option you can buy.

  • ****IMPORTANT *****If you don’t specify the genetics you desire for your free kit then you will not receive it.  I just don’t have time to get ahold of people by email waiting for a response for days.
  • When choosing genetics for kits, and bundles, please list your choices in the box that says “order notes” before finalizing your payment.
  • If left in the payment notes I won’t see them.
  • Or email me.  Thankyou!
  • When ordering pre-innoculated research grain please allow up to 1 week to ship.  This is better because it allows the mycelium to consolidate and not get disturbed or stressed during shipping and allows for faster colonization. Though some bags are ready to ship within 24 hours because they were already innoculated.   Just depends. I work several hours a day and promise your orders are very important to me! I appreciate the support and understanding.   Thankyou 🙏
  • All Sales are Final.
  • However… If a LC, plate or pre innoculated bag happens to contaminate,  please email me photos and I’ll gladly replace.  Please understand shipping as well as other factors that aren’t in my control can cause this to happen from time to time.
  •   Thankyou!

Hello and welcome to my store! I’ve had a strong passion for isolating top tier genetics for many years.  Nothing makes me happier than sharing and seeing others succeed. Providing sterile, clean products, with strong fruiting genetics in a timely manner is how I can do my part to help you succeed!  If you dont succeed then neither do I, so lets make sure we do it the right way.  Also don’t ever hesitate to ask specific questions about cultivation techniques, since I’m also very passionate about teaching and sharing my knowledge!  Looking forward to our future together! Please note, most orders are shipped within 24 business day hours, but some larger order may take 3-4 businesses days.  Thankyou for your patience! Side note~ Even though it would be rare for one of my research syringes to be contaminated, I’d still like to emphasize the importance of always testing a liquid culture on agar before innoculating grain.  Liquid cultures are much more vulnerable to contamination than a plate is.

  • You don’t grow mushrooms, they grow you~MoonDaddy

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