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Lentinus Crinitus – Liquid Culture Syringe


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Lentinus crinitus is a SoFlo local wild clone that I have been working on since the beginning of the Summer. It is a unique one, that you likely won’t see for sale anywhere else, as I have the only culture available. There is research on them that shows use in the textile dye industry in remediating harmful chemicals. If you are a do-gooder, this one is for you… But it’s also a tasty treat, and distant relative of the Shiitake mushroom. It grows in a similar way to shiitake, and you can treat it the same way. It does not need a cold shock, or a slap… but you can use the same substrate (hardwood sawdust and 10% supplements). It will take about 45 days to colonize the fruiting block. Once it starts to turn brown and patchy, you will want to take off the plastic bag and increase humidity and temperature. It fruited for me very well outdoors after some waiting indoors without any fruits. Add this super cool culture to your library!

My cultures come in sterile syringes filled 10cc of premium live mycelium, sterile water, and a carefully chosen proprietary blend of nutrients specific to the species of fungi selected.

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SoFlo Fungi’s founder, Sam Kwalwasser, has been fascinated by many scientific fields of study over the course of his life and studies. After discovering the field of mycology, he quickly grew obsessed, reading every website, blog, and book he could find on the topic. He is a bonafide mycophile.

During the lockdown, he fell in love with breeding and maintaining various cultures. All of these fungal cultures are capable of fruiting either indoors or outdoors right here in South Florida or really in ANY place indoors all around the world. The 2020 pandemic and lockdown were surely a very large motivator in turning this hobby into a business. Though he would do this for free, his business background taught him that this would not be sustainable!

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