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Liquid Culture Premix


This product is perfect for new cultivators that do not want to invest in large quantities of multiple powders. This packet contains a custom blend of Light Malt Extract, Dextrose, and Soy Peptone. Cooked liquid culture will have light brown/amber color due to the LME and peptone.

This blend has been tested on all commonly cultivated mycelium with great success for each culture. Each packet can be added to 500ml of water.

Instructions for use:
Prepare a clean QT size mason jar with a stir bar (or marble) and a lid that has a gas exchange filter and self-healing injection port. Add contents of packet to the mason jar (remove silica packet from powder). Boil 500ml (2 cups) of water and add to the jar. Place lid on the jar and place into a pressure canner. Cook at 15psi for 15 minutes. Allow pressure canner to slowly cool, (overnight is best) do not remove the weight to release the steam quickly. This will cause the LC to boil from the rapid decrease in pressure and likely cause a large mess.
Once jars have cooled to room temperature you can inoculate with desired mycelium culture in front of a flow hood or in a still air box. It is recommended to use a needle biopsy technique or similar method for inoculation.

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