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Dreamer Tub Complete 4 Tub Kit

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Dreamer Tub Complete 4 Tub, fully automated for exotics, gourmets, and medicinals, fruiting chamber setup. No misting, no fanning, no timers, NO NONSENSE. This is making it as easy at gets! Complete neglect-tek!

Kit includes:
4 modified Dreamer Tubs including waterproof variable speed fans, 4 fruiting racks, hoses, and attachments
1 2.5L ultrasonic humidifier (please use distilled water only)
1 Elitech temperature/humidity controller

For a lot of exotic, gourmet, and medicinal species, they require either more humidity, fresh air exchange, or both. Some species are too delicate to fan and mist manually, for others that aren’t, people just don’t have the time to manually fan and mist. This tub makes growing these species as easy as anything else (when it comes to providing proper growing conditions.)

The tub(s) work(s) off of a humidity/temperature controller. You punch in the numbers on the controller for what you want to run. I.e. P. zapotecorum you would set temperature to 65F, RH to 95, and RH calibration to -10. Then when the humidity drops below 95, the controller turns on the humidifier and raises it back up. The humidity continuously drops while the fan on the tub is continuously running. Then the humidifier replaces that lost humidity, which in turn, maintains a perfect environment. Considering P. zapotecorum is ran at room temperature, the temperature function in this example is not needed. That’s just to give you an example.

It’s true neglect-tek for everything that couldn’t be before! All you have to do is top off the humidifier with distilled water periodically.

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