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Quantify 6 Alkaloids commonly found in many psychoactive mushrooms!

We quantify the following: Psilocybin, Psilocin, Baeocystin, Norbaeocystin, Norpsilocin, and Aeruginascin with a 0.5ppm LOD for those compounds.

This can help dial in grow conditions, substrate mixtures, genetic isolations, and breeding projects at a new level that is just being introduced in medicinal and recreational fungi.

We are cross-lab validated with Hyphae Labs, the creator of the Psilocybin Cup and more recent Hyphae Cup, which allows our results and theirs to be directly comparable back by over 50 years of combined experience in Analytical Chemistry and Molecular Biology.

Our goal is always to provide the most accurate and reproducible results in the industry that can guide the progression of multiple lineages through a data-driven discovery lens with an open and transparent basis to your scientific results.

We currently can only accept fruit samples in person in Denver, CO due to the legislative rules currently, but we hope to accept shipping soon. Within 5 days of purchase, we can accept the sample, and general turn around time is about 1-2 weeks depending on the number of samples!

We provide a complete Certificate of Analysis (COA) containing a chromatogram, our detection of said compound and then a weight normalized value showing % w/w of each given analyte. We allow for all results to be keep completely confidential if desired, or we can include it in the larger database that we plan to make public through peer-reviewed publication.

We also can provide discounts for multiple samples or for certain projects that are being studied, particularly those with a genetic component as a collaborative project.

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