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Albino Mystery (AM 1219) – Swab Set


About Albino Mystery from @sporedropper
I received a collection of cultures as a gift from a close acquaintance. Among them was one intriguingly labeled “Choco TAT”, which exhibited a pigmented appearance. Upon closer examination and deduction, it became clear that this particular label was erroneous. I meticulously compared it with the other cultures in the set I had received, ensuring that there were no mix-ups. Intriguingly, even the person who gifted these cultures was uncertain about the identity of this particular strain. This shrouded its origins in a veil of mystery.

Adding to its enigma was its distinct albino characteristic. Given the uncertainty surrounding its lineage and its unique appearance, I aptly named it the “Albino Mystery”.

But its mystique wasn’t its only exceptional feature. This remarkable culture went on to break records in the world of mycology. It produced the heftiest single cubensis fruit ever recorded, tipping the scales at an impressive 1219g when fresh. To put this into perspective, consider that it broke the world record not once, but twice from a single cultivation tub. Before this, the standing record was a 952g fruit. However, this Albino Mystery culture from one 64-quart tub astonishingly yielded two heavyweight champions: one weighing in at 988g and the record-breaking 1219g specimen.

In essence, the Albino Mystery is not just a product; it’s a testament to nature’s unpredictable beauty and potential. An absolute must-have for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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