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Albino Bluey Vitton Black Cap F1 Swab Set


-1x swabset containing 2x individual spore-swabs of Psilocybe Cubensis var. Albino Bluey Vitton Black Cap f1
-This is the early workings of my attempt to stabilize a black cap pheno of Albino Bluey Vitton, this early it would be considered unstable.

-true albino with translucent spores, this albino variant of Bluey Vitton, a cultivar with beginnings that read like that out of a book of a tale of fate and destiny, is known for it’s exceptionally spicy fruits.

-great producing culture from both multispore and clone , can expect squats as well as regular stiped fruits.

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Located and shipping from Michigan USA. Sales are final. No cash refunds. However, I do stand behind my products. I will replace damaged agar plates due to shipping mishandling. PLEASE take pictures immediately upon receiving in mail for proof. Proof of contaminated agar plates both colonized and uncolonized will need to be provided within 10 days of receiving. Proof of dirty swabs must be provided within 30. Just open a line of communication! I’m here to try and please and provide the best customer service I can. 

Unless specified otherwise all plate cultures are made to order, in order to provide you with the freshest most vigorous of cultures, they are made to order and will ship within 7-10 days of purchasing. This is to ensure no overgrown or contaminated plates make it to the customer and to provide you with the healthiest cultures possible. 


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