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The Ultimate TidalWave Bundle


This product includes 10 research syringes that were sourced throughout the last few years and collected from around the world. TidalWave is credited to Magic Myco and is possibly the best yielding genetics on the market. The following genetics are inside this bundle.
1.) ChodeWave- “TW x APE” by Raymond Midichee”
2.) Tidalwave- “PE x B+” by Magic Myco
3.) TidalWave 3- “PE x B+ 3rd Generation
4.) TidalWave 4- – “PE x B+ 4th Generation
5.) TidalWave 5- – “PE x B+ 5 th Generation
6.) TidalWave Cream- “Moon Daddy and Mr.Myc Iso.”
7.) T.E.P.E.- TW X PE by Magic Myco
8.) GammaWave-“OakRidge x TW”
9.) Tsunami- “TW x Aztec God” by Magic Myco
10.)Trinity- “TW x Tsunami x Aztec Magic Myco

Substitutions can be made for any of the following genetics with another TidalWave genetic in the store but it must be a TidalWave genetic in order to do so. Bundle is for a limited time only while supplies last. Includes order tracking, 10 sterile needles and 10 preparation pads with purchase. This bundle is listed and intended for microscopy use/purposes only.

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