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Psilocybe Ovoideocystidiata (Ovoids) Research Plate


Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata, also known by the common name the “blue-foot” mushroom or Ovoids, was first discovered in 2003 from a sample discovered in Pennsylvania. It is a member of the phylum basidiomycota, the order agaricales, the family hymenogastraceae, and the genus psilocybe. Other psilocybe species that fall under that genus include psilocybe cyanescens and psilocybe stuntzii. This psilocybin mushroom’s name comes from the ovoid shape of its cells and its rhomboid spores. The fungus was commonly confused with psilocybe caerulipes before being formally named a separate species in 2007. Ovoideocystidiata have a 1.5 cm to 5 cm diameter convex cap that may flatten with age. The head ranges from brown to dark purple and turns whitish or cream-colored when dried. The mushroom’s flesh becomes blue or green when bruised. The gills of this mushroom species begin off-white or pale brown before darkening to a lavender or purplish brown color in maturity. The stalk can reach 9 cm in height and 7 mm in thickness. It has a white or yellowish-brown color with possible blue shading. Stalks are smooth near the cap and may develop small scales at their base.
All Research Plates are 60mm x 15mm and use an lmea recipe rigorously tested for optimal mycelium growth. All Research Plates are made to order and will take up to 10 days before it is shipment ready. If there is any issue with the quality of the plate, you have 5 days from the time it arrives to location, from the post office, to contact me, with photos, for a refund or replacement. Replacement plates will also take up to 10 days to be shipment ready.

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