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Panaeolus Cyanscens – 10 research plates for 100!


Panaeolus cyan research plates 10 for 100 just leave your choices of strains in the notes when placing an order please ! Along with the great deal on plates I will also throw in 2-3 gifts with every order of related off menu genetics ! LC, Prints, Swabs, Spore Syringe kits, and an entire rare cubensis and culinary library will be added soon so look out for that coming up ! Thank you to everyone who has supported me since opening the store and continuing to support me, all plates will be made to order I personally like to make sure the growth is well taken on which can take anywhere from 3-7 days depending on strain and domestication. I have sent out younger plates but not all pans are like other active strains like cubensis and will just grow easily in unstable environments and quite rapidly some pans can stall and not continue growth if not at a stable temperature. I appreciate everyone’s patience and will get faster and a better plan as I go along and learn more about the logistics of all this it means alot to me and I truly do appreciate you all!

*All live mycelium cultures are taken in front of a laminar flow hood with HEPA filters reaching 99.97% sterile efficiency
*All cultures are intended for microscopy use only

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