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Blue Ghost x Flipper mk1 f0 Research Plate


1x 60mm agar research culture plate of Blue Ghost x Flipper mk1 filial generation 0

Plates are made to order to ensure you get a fresh plate free of contamination and eager to colonize. Please expect a normal 7-10 day waiting period before your order ships.

Blue Ghost is a Julian M creation of Shakti crossed with Ghost. It is known for potent albino fruits that can get large in size and in cluster. Flipper is a JikFibs of TAT syndicate creation. This is a di/mon bueller pairing with Flipper being a monokaryon labeled #1 I isolated, and BG being a dikaryon.

Colonizes substrate at an average rate and pins at a medium speed with fruits slow to finish in maturity. Big single fruits and clusters appear in first flush for me.

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Located and shipping from Michigan USA. Sales are final. No cash refunds. However, I do stand behind my products. I will replace damaged agar plates due to shipping mishandling. PLEASE take pictures immediately upon receiving in mail for proof. Proof of contaminated agar plates both colonized and uncolonized will need to be provided within 10 days of receiving. Proof of dirty swabs must be provided within 30. Just open a line of communication! I’m here to try and please and provide the best customer service I can. 

Unless specified otherwise all plate cultures are made to order, in order to provide you with the freshest most vigorous of cultures, they are made to order and will ship within 7-10 days of purchasing. This is to ensure no overgrown or contaminated plates make it to the customer and to provide you with the healthiest cultures possible. 


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