SporeSwaps is dedicated in bringing Mycologist together. In order to do this, we must set our standards high when it comes to what products are allowed to be sold on our site. The term, “For Microscopy Purposes Only”, means that only active (Psilocybin) spores are to be sold in states/countries that it is legal to do so. Under no circumstances will we sell the following:

Active Agar plates
Active Agar slants/master slants
Active Mushrooms (fresh or dried)
Any product of active mushrooms (such as extracts or tinctures)

SporeSwaps, and local laws, will have the final decision as to what can and cannot be sold or traded on our website.

We monitor the site heavily and if we find a vendor that is selling anything other than what is lawfully allowed in their state/country,  will be immediately shut down their store. If you are a member of our Facebook group, you will also be removed from it.

Updated June 29,2021