Become a Vendor

Interested in becoming a vendor?

Here are the steps you need to complete

  • You need to show past reviews that show your customer service skills such as:
    Excellent customer service
    Timely shipping
    Nice packaging
  • You must submit a sample for testing to one of our testers. They will test your product for contamination and viability. Wild foragers are exempt of testing.
  • After completing the above steps and you have qualified, register on the site with your email.

Guidelines for having a store:

  • Images must be clear and up close
  • All images must be of the product that is for sale
  • Create a detailed listing so customers know exactly what to expect when ordering. State ml of LC syringes, the weight of grain bags, what grain was used, etc…
  • If selling active spores you must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be able to list a minimum of 20 products
  • Must have the inventory to keep your store open. You will have the option to temporarily close your store if needed.

Contact me at if you can meet the above requirements to become a vendor.

Hope to be handing over the keys to your new store soon!