Become a Vendor


Interested in becoming a vendor?

Here are the steps you need to complete

  • Join our Facebook group (SporeSwaps) and work your way into becoming a Trusted Vendor
  • You don\’t need to be a member of our group if you are an established business and can show positive reviews from another platform.
  • You must submit a sample for testing to one of our testers. They will test your product for contamination. Wild foragers are exempt of testing.
After completing the above steps and you have qualified, create your login information and email or Facebook message the email you used to register with. You can email us at or FB message Sheri Berry. We will then make you a vendor and you will be able to start listing your products.

Guidelines for having a store:

  • No images of fruit or active plates/slants are allowed, only images of the products you are selling such as swabs, prints, gourmet plates, etc.
  • All images must be of the product that is for sale
  • Images must be clear and up close
  • Create a detailed listing so customers know exactly what to expect when ordering. State ml of gourmet LC syringes, the weight of grain bags, what grain was used, etc…
  • If selling active spores you must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must have the inventory to keep your store open. You will have the option to temporarily close your store if needed.

Becoming a vendor is easy and can be fun.

Once you join our Facebook page, in order to become a vendor (if you don\’t have positive feedback on another platform), you will need to receive 5 positive reviews and submit a sample for testing. This is done by either selling 5 products or by giving away/trading 5 products. Most of our vendors have done giveaways since it\’s the quickest way to become a TV. If you are new to Facebook, doing a giveaway is a great way to get to know the community. People love giveaways and you will have a large response. All you need to do is give away 5 Mycology products such as prints/swabs, and in return ask for a shoutout/review. Your reviews must include the following…..

Excellent customer service
Timely shipping
Nice packaging
Hope to be handing over the keys to your new store soon!

Currently, we are not accepting vendors outside of the United States and UK